Chemical Cleaning


We can chemical clean your buildings and safely soft wash.
It is very important to wash regularly to remove contaminates salt – dust – pollen etc that can damaged your investment.

We also offer a Moss and Mould service for roofs and exteriors.
This product is slow releasing solution which is sprayed on then is left to work;
It works in a natural way, each time it rains the safe cleaning action activates to remove grows safely in an environmentally friendly way. This can possible take between 3 – 12 months.

Some fast acting solutions are harsh on your paint work can often damage spouting – windows and more and kills plants.

Water blasting may seem like a quick solution but this can also ruin your paint work specially if carried out the wrong way.

Davey Painters Roof CareSterbac: Is a bio-degradable slow releasing solution that is sprayed on and then left to work. It works in a natural way; each time it rains the safe cleaning action activates to remove growths safely in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Sterbac removes Lichen, Moss, Mould and Salt Deposits. If left untreated these can do serious damage as once established they will penetrate paint coatings, causing colour loss, block water flow and look unsightly.
  • Sterbac is a slow release product which can take anywhere between three to twelve months to work depending on the intensity of the growth. If infestation is severe it may require a second application.
  • Sterbac won’t damage your paint work and guttering like some fast acting solutions and water blasting.

Applying Sterbac to your buildings is a safe, cost effective solution and an environmentally non-invasive way of maintaining your buildings exterior finish.




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